Painted December 2003

You are not gonna believe how tiny this figure is. I mean, comparing her size with the size of the base might give an impression, but you really have no idea until you hold her in your hand. She is SMALL! The details are awesome though. She is very well sculpted and I enjoyed painting her.

I wondered a bit about those "round" straps on her thighs, but then I decided that they were just that - straps. Ok, so now I just looked at Buddle's version, and they are not straps, they are armour plates. Doh! Oh well, I don't think armour plates would fit this version of her anyway.

Except for the armour plates thing, I'm really happy about the paintjob. It's been quite a while since I used GW's Storm Blue and it's such a nice, rich, dark colour. The light blue (the highlights and invisible in the pics, I know) is Vivid Blue from Foundry. It's a bit of a pain to work with, but the result is good.

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