Hello everyone. I recently started painting again. You can follow my progress and see the new paintjobs on my blog.

The for sale page has been updated with two painted Hasslefree Miniatures: Liralith and Kat:

Kat Liralith

NEW EBAY AUCTION: Limited Edition D&D Cyclops (Wizards of the Coast)


September 4th '09 - New paintjob: Greylord (Privateer Press).
August 31st '09 - New paintjob: Bright Deamonette (Games Workshop).
August 24th '09 - New paintjob: Volkov, Great Bear (Privateer Press).
August 21st '09 - New paintjob: Autumn Deamonette (Games Workshop).
August 18th '09 - New paintjob: Emli (Spyglass).

August 13th '09 - New paintjob: Widowmaker Captain (Privateer Press).
August 10th '09 - New review: Skullcrafts Autumn Basing Kit.
August 9th '09 - New paintjob: Kodiak Warjack (Privateer Press).
August 6th '09 - New paintjob: Manhunter (Privateer Press).
August 2nd '09 - New paintjob: Liralith Redux (Hasslefree Miniatures).
July 30th '09 - New paintjob: Destroyer Warjack (Privateer Press).
July 26th '09 - New paintjob: Female Cook (Freebooter Miniatures).
July 23rd '09 - New paintjob: Koldun Lord (Privateer Press).
July 18th '09 - New paintjob: Shadowhorn Satyr (Privateer Press).
July 11th '09 - New paintjob: Dragonfly (Urban Mammoth).
July 8th '09 - New paintjob: Kommander Sorscha (Privateer Press).
July 3rd '09 - New paintjob: Clergy Ann (Dark Age Games).
June 28st '09 - New paintjob: Sawblade (Dark Age Games).
June 25st '09 - New paintjob: Melisande, female pirate (Reaper Miniatures).
June 21st '09 - New paintjob: Chick Challenge Miniature (Eolith/Spyglass Miniatures).
June 16th '09 - New paintjob: Taryn de la Rovissi (Privateer Press).
June 13th '09 - New paintjob: Pud Thrower (Dark Age Games).
May 30th '09 - New paintjob: Fantasy Football Kalee (Hasslefree Miniatures).
May 24th '09 - New paintjob: Nubian Warrior (Hasslefree Miniatures).
May 20th '09 - New paintjob: Puds (Dark Age Games).
May 21th '09 - New paintjob: Ratchet (Dark Age Games).
May 19th '09 - New paintjob: Concubine (Hasslefree Miniatures).
May 18th '09 - New paintjob: Celtos Fomorian Siren (Brigade Models/Urban Mammoth).
May 17th '09 - New paintjob: Kroot (Games Workshop).
May 16th '09 - New tutorial: Painting light skintones.
May 13th '09 - New paintjob Liberty (Hasslefree Miniatures).

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