Knight of the Balance

Painted March 2003

Since I'd painted the Knight of the Spirit with complementary colours I decided to do the same with the other knights. For this guy I chose blue and orange. It's not often that I get to use orange and it was a total pain to get it to cover well. Fortunately I had chosen blue as my main colour and that covered like a dream. I decide to give the armour plates the same gem like effect I'd used on the Knight of the Spirit. I like the look. It's quite different from how people usually paint these minis. I painted the jacket with a dark leather effect to create a contrast to the knight's otherwise quite "high techy" look.

The gun is highlighted quite differently from what I usually do. Usually I blend the highlights which can make them quite subtle. Since the gun had a lot of sharp edges I "line highlighted" it. I just painted a lighter shade on the edges. I think the look works ok here becuase of the shape of the gun, but I think I'll keep blending my highlights in most cases. I absolutely hated painting the swords. I should probably just have used metallics since that would have saved me a lot of trouble. The shape of the swords is really wierd. It looks like the sculptor rushed a bit there.

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