Alahan Paladin

Painted November 2003

This is the last of my Alahan Paladins and my favorite sculpt of the three. Very dynamic.

I quote liked the light brown colour scheme I'd done for my first paladin, so I decided to go for something similar. Since the first on was a bit flat, I tried to put some more depth into this one. His armour was basecoated in i-Kore Spearshaft Brown and glazed with a few layers of dilluted i-Kore Swamp Brown. It was the highlighted with Spearshaft Brown and GW Bleached Bone. I'm quite happy with the result, though it could have been a bit cleaner in some places.

As usual, the face was a huge pain in the butt..... Grrrrr. I'm really happy about the gold NMM lions on his knees. They are much better than on my first version. I also quite like the sword.

Since people are always complaining about my boring bases, I wanted to try something new. I made a tiles floor out of pieces on plastic (from his blister). It was really hard to get them to line up, but I think it look pretty cool.

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